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Barentsphoto - Pictures photographed by Oyvind Ravna.

Are you looking for photos from Siberia, Northern Russia and Scandinavia with focus on the Northern Culture, the Indigenous people, reindeer husbandry, outdoor life, economical life, people and societies?

Oyvind Ravna (b. 1961) is a Saami photographer and documentary author from Detnu/Tana in North Norway, living in the city of Vadsoe, far Northeast in Norway. His speciality is reportage photos of peoples and cultures, especially photos of the indigenous peoples of the North, and their traditions.
He has presented several photo exhibitions of the northern life, the latest at the Polaria centre of Tromsoe. He has illustrated several books with his pictures, and he has also experience as movie photographer, doing the movie pictures for the documentary film "Dark clouds over Neshchang", produced in co-operation with NRK Sami Radio. In the film he describes the problems the forest Nenets of Siberia, have facing the modern Russian society and the oil industry,

During the last 10 years, Ravna has been travelling a lot in Northern Russia including Siberia, living close together with the native inhabitants of the tundra, learning their traditions and view of life, fixing the life, the faces and the culture of the North to the film.
I 2001 Oyvind Ravna, together with his Nennish wife Zoia Vylka, presented his photo documentary book number six called “Tundraens folk” [The peoples of the tundra]. In this book the focus is put on some of the indigenous people in North Russia; the Saami, the Nenets, the Neshchang, the Khanty and the Selkup.
The Dannish Indegenous journal "Infonor" (no. 3/01) described the book as "indispensable for anyone who is interested in indigenous people of the Northern Russia". Further on they write that "the unique photos of Oyvind Ravna gives their own description of the people of the tundra to day". Several other reviewers, as the Norwegian travelling journal "Vagabond" (no. 6/01), use the same kind of superlatives when they describe the photos.
Now we are glad to present this graphic account of the life of the North, together with a lot of other pictures made by Oyvind Ravna.

Contact Oyvind Ravna :
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